08-09-2001  14.59

Do you hear the neighbours go to the toilet?
NO, not in my composing room... 
Do you put your vacuumcleaner on like Glenn Gould did?
Do you always have sky-radio on?
Do you lock yourself in the bathroom?
To read, yes
Do you have a traffic-light in front of your house?
A tromboneplayer across the street?
A bicycle store downstairs?
Have you found yourself a silent room where you only hear your own bloodstream?
Unfortunately, no
Are you glued on to your computer?
Too often
Did you get yourself a permanent trainticket?
Do you have your own private corner in your favourite bar?
Do you sit in the woods getting birdshit on your paper?
Never tried
Please give me a short description of the sounds that normally surround you when you compose (in audio or textformat).
The children in the house playing computer games or practising their instruments, some road traffic, the birds in the back yard, but most of the time NOTHING, since I generally compose at night when the world is at sleep, between 23 hrs pm and 2 hrs am.