18-09-2001  12.28

Do you hear the neighbours go to the toilet?
No. Dutch people do it on the street.
Do you put your vacuumcleaner on like Glenn Gould did?
No. Drills are much more romantic.
Do you always have sky-radio on?
That's what Shostakovitch did. i hate the result, especially his symphonies.
Do you lock yourself in the bathroom?
Only when I take a bath.
Do you have a traffic-light in front of your house?
No. I have a coffe-shop next-door. That is worse.
A tromboneplayer across the street?
Yes, Russian accordeon-players beore the coffeshop. They should be sent to Texas and executed immediatly.
A bicycle store downstairs?
No. In our town (Amsterdam) bicycles are not sold but exclusively stolen.
Have you found yourself a silent room where you only hear your own bloodstream?
WOuld be the worst thing I can imagine. I leave that to Saint Cage.
Are you glued on to your computer?
Certainly not.
Did you get yourself a permanent trainticket?
Seen the quality of Dutch public transport systems, it is much more eficient to walk.
Do you have your own private corner in your favourite bar?
That is not what bars are made for.
Do you sit in the woods getting birdshit on your paper?
I leave this speciality to Olivier Messiaen. He got sufficently birdshit on his paper.
Please give me a short description of the sounds that normally surround you when you compose (in audio or textformat).
Just the normal sounds of a rather civilised part of an old Dutch town.