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The All European Pigeonsong
For 15 European artists & a pigeon
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Dido (2003)

Instrumentation: musique concrète and video

Duration: 1'11"

First showing: 11 oktober 2003 in the Cselley Mühle in Oslip, Austria

Made on the occasion of: the European interdisciplinairy workshop "Ziel 1 = Kunst = Ziel 1" in Oslip, Austria

Voices: Marie Collard (BE), Erwin Plahn (DK), Henrik Jacob (DE), Dimitris Dimopoulos (EL), Georgia Triantafillou (EL), Carmen García Bartolomé (ES), François Poyet (FR), Ciaran Murphy (IE), Gabriella Zen (IT), Claude Paully (LU), Rui Vasco Pereira de Melo (PT), José Quintanilha (PT), Eero Hämeenniemi (FI), Gerhard Krammer (AT), Christa Prets (AT)
Invited through the European Parliament I spent ten days in Austria in the fall of 2003. Together with fifteen other artists (one from each EU-country), we stayed in an old mill on the border of Hungary to creatively express ourselves over the question "How far does Europe go?". On the court-yard of the Cselley Mühle, where we stayed for the duration of the omni-european multi-disciplinairy workshop, was a large oldfashioned pigeonry. It turned out, that every country has its own invective for these border-crossing-birds. I decided to ask each participant to mimic the pigeons of their own country for me. With the collected recordings I made the all-european pigeonsong.