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Filter or flip! (2010)
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Make up your mind!
Make something of your life!
Make sense!
Make a decision!
Make a mistake!
Make something out of nothing!
Make normal days fabulous days!
Make yourself wanted!
Make sheep out of geniuses!
Make it fun!
Make it simple!
Make jokes about women!
Be rich!
Be rich and famous!
Be hard to follow!
Don't be one of the nine out of ten people!
Get back!
Get lost!
Get a life!
Don't be depressed!
Don't go chasing waterfalls!
Don't make a mistake!
Don't quote Dickens!
Don't be a Calvinist!
Don't order fish on monday!
Don't make a fool of yourself!
Don't be tedious!
Don't let schooling kill your creativity!
Don't be cruel!
Don't dwell on the past!
Don't take it personal!
Don't believe your own lies!
Don't be shy!
Don't waste an opportunity!
Don't hold back!
Don't overstay your welcome!
Don't lie!
Don't skip breakfast!
Don't mistake kindness for weakness!
Don't worry!
Don't rub it in!
Don't try this at home!!
Don't flatter yourself!
Don't argue with idiots!
Don't mess around!
Don't use a canon to kill a mosquito!
Don't cry over spilled milk!
Don't be afraid!
Don't exclude anyone!
Don't ask!
Don't bargain with the devil!
Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the least-bad!
Don't repeat yourself!
Don't hold your breath!
Don't sweat the small stuff!
Don't delay people's flights by walking slowly in narrow hallways!
Don't pick your nose!
Don't laugh!
Don't use bullet points!
Don't give a damn!
Don't add fuel to the fire!
Don't think twice!
Don't waste another day!
Don't bite the hand that feeds you!
Don't say a word!
Don't call us, we'll call you!
Don't complain!
Don't judge a book by its cover!
Don't replace science with art!
Don't ask what yor country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!
Don't do this, don't do that!
Don't give up!
Don't hesitate!
Don't miss a thing!
Don't press the red button!
Don't outsmart your common sense!
Don't stop 'till you get enough!
Don't ever let your mind stop you from having a good time!
Don't get mad!
Don't panic!
Don't rush!
Don't cry!
Don't bother!
Don't say a word!
Don't blame it on the sunshine!
Feel on top of the world!
Feel over the moon!
Feel alive!
Feel free!
Feel free to criticize!
Feel free to make yourself comfortable!
Feel free to invite all your friends!
Feel free to call!
Feel free to prosper!
Feel free to make changes!
Feel free to revert!
Feel free to say no!
Feel free to help yourself!
Feel free to ask any questions!
Feel free to come by whenever!
Get it for free!
Think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer!
Make money offering things for free!
Get it to feel free!
Feel free as a bird!
Sign up for our free newsletter!
Get updated,  free of charge!
Check the latest bargains & free offers!
Get it for free, or for whatever you think it's worth!
Turn free into profit!
Buy one get one for free!
Seperate the men from the boys!
Move in mysterious ways!
Provide revelations!
Create your own future!
Think outside the box!
Change the world!
Cause the equivalent of a French Revolution!
Seek a challenge!
Use your imagination!
Have a heart!
Have your dreams come true!
Have a love of your life!
Have a lovely day!
Have a plan!
Have a choice!
Have a little faith!
Have plenty!
Have no fear!
Have no shame!
Have no envy!
Have no doubt!
Have no debt!
Have no reason!
Have no time!
Have no regrets!
Have a blast!
Have it your way!
Have an opinion!
Have a personality!
Have a sense of hierarchy!
Put two and two together!
Have method in your madness!        
Acquire taste!
Put your skills to the test!
Care little for grand gestures!
Work your socks off!
Realise greatness!
Follow the guidelines!
Knock yourself out!
Aim to please!
Reduce your carbon footprint!
Veer from the sublime to the ridiculous!
Step up to the plate!
Rise to the occasion!        
Expect impossible things from artists and geniuses!
Make a cup of tea!
Write a masterpiece!
Boost your creativity!
Radically rethink your view of intelligence!
Rethink fundamental principles!
Get a grip!
Become a vegetarian!
End world hunger!
Dry your laundry quickly and effectively!
Adopt a chicken!
Collect brownie points!
Get married!
Watch your weight!
Learn by accident!
Chat with your neighbours!
Get a divorce!
Let failure be an option!
Bring joy!
Try harder!
Eat your heart out!
Get some dirt under your fingernails!
Stop blaming the messenger!
Never say anything that can't stand as the last thing you ever say!
Grow your hair!
Get off your seat before you get splinters in your bum!
Overcomplicate things!
Agree to disagree!
Unleash your inner accountant!
Try to avoid the unevitable!
Have a baby!
Have a talent!
Have a surrogate mother!
Lie about your age!
Find the most difficult way of doing something!
Have an idea!
Have dinner parties!        
Color-coördinate your shelves!        
Take matters into your own hands!
Get expert analysis!
Read a book!
Take a risk!
Take the mickey!
Take a step in the right direction!
Take up your cross!
Take it easy!
Take a break!
Carry on!
Take care!
Start over!        
Do it yourself!
Do something!
Do ANYthing!
Sit down!
Do yourself proud!
Shut up!
Cover up your disasters!
Show some emotion!
Love fairly rigid formats!
Keep it together!
Love poverty!
Show some promise!
Show some pride!
Hide your insecurities!
Show vulnerability!
Nurture your childhood traumas!
Love at first sight!
Love capitalism!
Love moral ambiguity!
Love to quote philosophers!
Love to take part in market research!
Love your country!
Love to nurture pinciples!
Love to indulge in chocolat!
Love it!
Love to read between the lines!
Love birds!
Love shoes!
Love kids!
Love life!
Love to learn old dogs new tricks!
Love today!
Love to learn!
Love to compare!
Love to create!
Love to procrastinate!
Love to sleep!
Love to volunteer!
Love to travel!
Love to dance!
Love to be loved!
Love to cook!
Love to eat!
Love to bite off more than you can chew!
Love to organize your grocery coupons!
Need food!
Need fun!
Need love!
Need glamour!
Need goals!
Need comfort!
Need energy!
Need beauty!
Need appetite!
Need taste!
Need independency!
Need focus!
Need knowledge!
Need confidence!
Need chaos!
Need solace!
Need appreciation!
Need protection!
Need oxygen!
Need privacy!
Need harmony!
Need competence!
Need affection!
Need connection!
Need direction!
Need inspiration!
Need fulfillment!
Need luck!
Need leisure!
Need more!
Need boundaries!
Need sublimation!
Need a break!
Need closure!
Need to finish what you started!
Need a happy end!