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Enkele Reis Slaapkamer (2003)
('One Way Bedroom')
For harpsichord, interactive electronics & text projections
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(w)here (2002)
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La Belle Choc (2003)
'A modern-communications-technological-dramatic solo for harpsichord'

Anne Faulborn
photo: Mayke Nas
Instrumentation: amplified harpsichord, laptop & beamer (2 players)

Duration: ± 25 minutes

Concept, text & music: Mayke Nas

First performance: 3 mei 2003 in L'Avventura, Theater de Vorst in Tilburg

Written for: Anne Faulborn

Commissioned by: Werkplaats L'Avventura

Directed by: Adelheid Roosen & Moniek Toebosch

Software: Harold de Groot (shosho)
A young woman is glued to the keyboard of her harpsichord as if it is the keyboard of a computer. She typs sentences, searches for contact, engages in virtual dialogues, fires monologues to no one in particular, receives intimate, annoying, seductive and surprising attention. But no matter how addictive the exciting world of the chatbox, she longs to swap all the volatile words for the tangible flesh and blood of a real encounter. She prepares herself thouroughly, thinks of everything she needs to receive the cyberlove of her choice and tries to get him to leave his computer for her. Is he her fantasy, or is she his?